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I am an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science student in New Delhi, India. I go by the nick "jvsg" on OpenSource Organisations and IRC Channels. Born in 1996, I got interested in Computers early on in my life. Somewhere around the spring of 2005 I got my personal computer and since then it has been a long journey. When I'm not doing "serious" work, I relax a bit by playing tycoon video games or fixing broken opensource software. By the way, Im a big proponent of OpenSource software and open standards.

Me and my Research Work
I'm interested and working on Network and system security, particularly in the field of Anonymity systems. I'm working as a research intern at CERC, Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi (IIIT-D) under the supervision of Dr. Sambuddho Chakravarty. As a part of my work, I managed to make a way for UDP packets to be wrapped and passed to the Tor Network as TCP packets. Later, we analyzed the transmission of VoIP data on the Tor Network.

Before that, I had worked with the Tor Project as a part of my Google Summer of Code Application in 2017 on various interesting research problems. Some of the research work that I did for Tor were: Count Unique IP Addresses in an Anonymous way in the Tor Network, Introduction of Post Quantum Cryptography in the Tor Network, and Improving IPv6 support for Tor Network. It was a pleasure to work with an amazing bunch of people such as Nick Mathewson, Tim-Wilson Brown (teor), and George Kadianakis (asn). Long Discussions (read: arguments) with established researchers such as Aaron Johnson (US Naval Research Lab) on the mailing list were a memorable experience. All that has motivated me for pursuing research in the field of anonymity systems and censorship resistance.

Previously in 2016, I had worked as an intern at Libreoffice Project under the Google Summer of Code Program. Since then, I've been involved with the organisation as an open source developer.

Here is my CV.

Personal and Contact

See for yourself (The Email-ID I use for general purposes)

See for yourself (The Email-ID I use usually for some technical mailing list)

My public pgp key is available here. I'm active on I'm also available on IRC(Freenode and OFTC) as jvsg. Few pics I shot (on my Redmi Note 3)

Apart from all this, I love Persian Classical Music and Guitar Music (particularly Flamenco guitar). Ghamar Ensemble is my current favorite persian classical ensemble.

I hate the use of electronic equipments in music. I feel that true music should be naturally produced. So things like Autotuners, electric guitars, and music editing softwares irk me.

Publications and Other Technical Documents

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